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Great Art evokes dynamic contemplation and takes us to a place where, for a moment, the world is soft and clear. Silence, after all, is the most revered quality of The Arts. But finding the quiet amongst the noise is


Ali E steps up to the microphone and through her fringe, her almond eyes observe. "I've never liked being too rigidly set in my ways," says Melbourne based songwriter/guitarist who's recent solo work Creatures are the kind of projects


Melodies move through time and space in many ways. Adam Wojcinski from the Australian Bush makes music, but doesn't play a note. His melodies weave together many art forms and flow past our beating hearts in liquid form.

"You make

Stella = Star

The Aztecs worshiped one, Van Gogh painted them in psychedelic swirls, Mozart fallaciously composed about them, and the Three Wise Men followed one. Stella Angelico, Melbourne born Italian/Australian tribal-soul songstress, fresh on Melbourne's core music scene, is more than

Emily Ulman: Looking Good in Her Skin

Many claim to wear the badge of singer/songwriter, but it is a title few can authentically say they own. Melbourne's Emily Ulman, with her soon to be released album, Wear It Well, definitely fits the songstress category. But what